Very Professional!

Great Truck Training Academy is So Very Professional. From the airbrake course with Rupinder Sir to getting my AZ Licence. Rupinder Sir is the very very best around and I will highly recommend to all to go to him for air brakes and their truck training. He makes everyone understand what they are really doing and he does not leave anything out. If you do not understand, he makes you do it over and over again. Sav is so good too and all thanks to him for helping me with the training and on the road lessons. Also Gurwinder Sir, another good instructor. Thanks to all for my yard training and in truck and not forgetting Radhe, she is so amazing to deal with and puts the students first- she is always ready to answer our calls and help us. If anyone wants to get their AZ licence go to them -they are the BEST. Thank you great truck training academy -for making me an AZ Driver

Oct 2020- Anmeet Virk - Brampton ON

They Know Their Business!

I Have learned a lot from these guys. They really know their business. Got my AZ licence in short period of time in the first try. So happy meet to them all. Thanks to Rupinder, Sav, Radhe and Garry from the bottom of my heart Yeah ...Great Truck Training Academy!

Oct 2020- Hamza Koc - Woodbridge ON

Very Impressed!

Very very impressed with this driving school -Great Truck Training Academy. Thanks to them I have a AZ Licence now and left another school because of their crappy teaching. Sav is by far the one that made this happen. Kudos Bruh!! Rupinder is awesome and the man in charge -he accommodates all with his down to earth ways. Thank you Rupinder for allowing me to join your school and helping me to pass. Rad was extremely professional, and very helpful and helped me with getting me on the schedule. These guys are lit! They are very busy but make time for all. I Highly recommend this training school. Thank you all!

Oct 2020- Andrew Perrier - Brampton ON

Best School in the GTA!

I think this is best school in GTA. Good luck Great Truck Training Academy to having more students and helping them to pass on their first try like me. All employees do their job best. I am very happy to go to this school. Thanks to them, I now have an AZ driver's license. Thank you Rupinder, Radhe and Satbir ...

Oct 2020- Engin Erol - Woodbridge ON

Highly Recommend!

I got my AZ license with Great Truck Training Academy, They are truly very Hard-workers and I always Highly Recommended Go with this School Special Thanks to Satbir Sir, Rupinder Sir, Radhe they all very helpful and always inspiring motivation to Do the best πŸ‘ Thank you

Oct 2020- Harsh Sharma - Brampton ON

Highly Recommend!

Nothing but great things to say about dealing with this school-Great Truck Training Academy. Radhe has gone above and beyond to help me get my team qualified and certified. Highly recommended!

Oct 2020- Catherine Forget

Thank You!

One of the best-great truck training academy, I was at another school and attempt many times for test but unable to get success for poor teaching and lack of yard space that time someone recommended me Rupinder sir and just took 5 lesson from Rupinder/satvir and got my az license easily, both of Instructors are very versatile and have deep knowledge regarding how to train student easily for lifetime, they try to stick on particular thing until you learn that, school have enough space for yard so you can learn backing, so guys if you really want to be master for commercial vehicle this one is best school and you ll get great lifetime experience. Thank you rupinder, satvir and radhe for making my driving career.

Oct 2020- Jay Patel - Mississauga ON

The best AZ Class Training School!

Hello everyone! I want to share my experience with Great truck training academy -is the best Az class training school The instructor in this school is highly qualified -Rupinder Sir. I would like to refer all my friends to join this school and get your Az licence in least attempts as compare of spending money in those schools where they just want you to deposit the whole sum of total money before going to the road test. I want everyone to go for Air brake in this school to get an idea yourself instead of relying on my post. This way you can get an idea whether you should enrol in this school for your whole course of Az licence because by going for air brake they clear your basics after which you can easily get your Az. And Suppose you don't like the air brake class you can choose other school I believe paying money doesn't hurt if you get a right guidance and help from your instructor and school. They do charge nominal fees for their services. I am posting this because I experienced such a good service from them. Thanks everyone for reading And All the best for future success πŸ™πŸ»

Oct 2020- Shubham Tiwari

100% Would Recommend

Rad was amazing to deal with and Rupinder is incredibly knowledgeable and really sets you up to pass your test. Great hands on learning with actual air brake assembly and not just a power point presentation. 100% would recommend it to anyone looking to get their licence thru Great Truck Training Academy. Wohoooooo

Oct 2020- Dan Gilmour - Toronto ON

BEST School Around!

I have recently experienced training with them they are very nice and know their stuff. A very special thanks to satbir singh & Rupinder paji for my AZ license ☺️ they are always ready to help the students - even i have no words how i explain to them-just that they are the BEST school around. Great Truck Training Academy Thnxx again -Thanks to all staff members too. God bless πŸ™

Oct 2020- Harpreet Singh - Brampton ON

Great Experience!

What a great experience! Radhe was so helpful and knowledgeable! She told me everything I need to know about getting a AZ trucking license and renewal. They do a individual one day truck driving test on the road, so they are focused on teaching one person at a time! Very Important! And they were the best price in GTA - Highly recommend! Thanks Radhe for everything, appreciate it.

Oct 2020- Maggie Dias - Toronto ON

Highly Recommend!

I just recently completed my Airbrake Z endorsement course over the weekend. I had an amazing experience. This team is very professional -A+ service and provided all the knowledge needed by the instructor Rupinder. Outstanding explanations - he made the course so easy for all, he did a wonderful job! πŸ‘ The course was set up great . Good management by Radhe - very versatile, and even provided us with lunch both days! I would highly recommend this place! Thanks Great Truck Training Academy- 5 ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

September 2020- Alexandra E. - Waterdown ON

Very Professional and Polite!

Great Truck Training Academy is by far the best truck driving school in the industry. If you want to learn about the Z course - Rupinder Sir is the best in this. Non can compare. I have learnt so much from this school - they are not only after your money - they make everything work for you. From accommodating you by picking you up when you don't have a ride and making sure to have something to eat and drink. Exceptional hospitality. Like non .. not even in words I can explain my gratitude. πŸ™πŸ»πŸ™πŸ» From the very first day to the very last day of getting my AZ licence - they remained faithful and honest in everything. Radhe is so very professional and polite and the light of the company. She definitely knows how to treat everyone and makes you feel like a real person not like a robot. She does so much for all in the offices and at the training yard with her generosity, my favourite part of getting ice cream. She is so nice! Great Truck Training Academy has got the best and most talented instructors from Satbir Sir and especially Rupinder Sir and Gurwinder Sir! I will definitely πŸ’― % plus god sure recommend this school to anyone looking into getting their AZ licence. They work with your schedule so well. Thank you Radhe. The best school! Thank you a Great Truck Training Academy for helping me get my AZ

September 2020- Gurjit Heer - Brampton ON

5 Stars!

A must go to school for getting your DZ licence!! GREAT TRUCK TRAINING ACADEMY.... I completely and whole-heartedly recommend GTTA for individuals looking to get their trucking licence. Rupinder and Sav were phenomenal instructors. They were very thorough, supportive, made the material easy to understand and very patient with their students. Both were a pleasure to have as teachers and both wanted their students to succeed. A very special and extra thanks to Radhe for going the extra mile to accommodate my schedule and for her efforts in ensuring I was successfully able to obtain my licence. You are simply AMAZING .. girl.. you definitely know your stuff and you are a great asset to GReat Truck Training Academy- heads up guys .. she is like the boss .. she needs a good 'raise' she's like a miracle worker with these road test dates! Thanks a lot Radhe. This school truly cares about their students and I will definitely refer others to attend this program. You cannot go wrong .. they are going places!! Definitely agree with others .. 5 stars!

September 2020- Tony P. - Toronto ON

Amazing Place To Get Trained!

GTTA -Great Truck Training Academy is an Amazing Place to get trained! GTTA ..nothing short of miracle workers! I was in need of acquiring a D license fairly quickly which usually is not an easy thing to rush. From the moment when I spoke with Radhe, I believed that they would try their best to pull it off while giving me the necessary training to do my road test with confidence. Radhe is such a lovely and amazing lady -a lady in all sense of the word she is incredibly smart and was incredibly responsive whenever I had any questions and extremely helpful (thank you Radhe!). My confidence in achieving this goal did not stop with her. I was trained by Sav and Rupinder and they are also super incredible.Sav gave me full and detailed training on the inspection and in cabin which helped me immensely. As expected, I had lots of questions and needed multiple refreshers on each thing and he was so patient and always very helpful and informative (thank you Sav!). I did my driving with Rupinder and what a great guy. He was honest and every step of the way, had my best interest in mind. His great feedback was refreshing and very much needed to help prepare me for the driving test (thank you Rupinder Sir) In 2 weeks from contacting Radhe, I acquired my D license! There is no way that I would be able to feel as confident going for my road test and inspection had it not been for the amazing team at GTTA. I truly appreciate all of your help and everything you have done for me! I will for sure recommend you to anyone looking to acquire their trucking license. Thanks again!

September 2020- Boris Medan

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

I want to thank Great Truck Training Academy for all the help they have given to me from getting my Z Course to completion of my D. This school is by far the ''Greatest among the Great" no one can compete with them. They have been so patient with me -being old school kind of guy. But I tried another driving school which they did absolutely nothing for me, just took my money and wanted to keep taking my money -a waste of my time - they are money grabbers. I want to thank Mr. Rupinder for everything he did for me -he is such a decent human being and nothing and no one compares to him and his humility. God Bless you always, you will for sure reach your goal because you have a heart of gold. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. This time around you have brought me back from the dying stages to life, to live again as my livelihood is so dependent on driving. I was able to get this all because of you and not forgetting my little darling of an angel Radhe, this girl keeps it together in every form and fashion. She's got it TOGETHER and her being your right hand, the sky is not even your limit, she is a gem of a sweetheart. Thank you for your compassion and they way you treated me with so much respect, I will always remember this...The instructor Satbir is nothing less and I see you have a great team. Keep up the good job you are all doing. Blessings. I am so grateful I cannot find enough words to express my gratitude here just pure tears of joy. I got my Licence on July 17 in Brampton and passed with flying colours all because of Great Truck Training Academy - you guys are the best in this industry - I have a big clique of friends and acquaintances and will definitely be passing on your Golden name. I was so fortunate to have gotten my licence and I started working the very next day. God is Great. Thank you from the bottom of my heart - life has been restored ...through Great Truck Training Academy.

August 2020- Ronald W. - Toronto ON

5 Stars!

On 13th Feb 2020, I cleared my AZ Driving Training test in First shot. Full credit of this achievement goes to Great Truck Training Academy's instructors. They have well experienced instructors. The teaching method and techniques used in the classroom are very nice. They explain in English, Punjabi, and Hindi as well. I'm really impressed. They have changed my views regarding Trucking industry. They have enough trucks & good amount of space in the truck yard. Multiple classes are taught at the same time. The one thing that is really noticeable during the training in the yard, or on the road, is that they allow only one student inside the truck at one time, which helps gaining one's confidence in a very short period of time. The strategies used overall in the training are great. I'm really thankful to the instructors. Rupinder Sir / Satvir Sir and Gurwinder Sir and The office staff is very co-operative. I would rank them 10/10. Guys, GTTA deserves a 5 star rating!

August 2020- Satnam Singh

Highly Recommend

Great class very nice people very clean fresh lunch and cold beverages all the time. Amazing instructor - Rupinder he definitely takes his time and makes sure you understand the Course completely. I will highly recommend this school. Go Great Truck Training AcademyπŸ‘ You guys rock!

July 2020- Admon Bagu - Woodbridge

10/10 and above!

Ranked 10/10 over and above! I had a great experience with GTTA! The instructor did an excellent - exceptionally outstanding job explaining all aspects of the course and ensured that every and all students clearly understood the material. Rupinder was very well spoken and pleasant, answering any and all questions! I passed both written and practical tests, I left very satisfied, feeling like I had a very clear understanding of material. Thank you GTTA, you were great! Will recommend you to everyone!πŸ‘

July 2020- Carley Molnar - London ON

Recommended highly

My instructor Rupinder for the Z endorsement course was professional and knowledgable and was able to answer questions effectively. The practical portion of the course was delivered even better and cleared any gaps that were left on the first day. Everything was laid out perfectly. He knows his stuff. Thank you for your assistance and hospitality. Recommended highly Radhe your sense of responsibility makes it worth it! Seem like the backbone. 6 🌟 ⭐️ ⭐️ 🌟 🌟 Way to go Great Truck Training Academy πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

July 2020- Soroush Keshavari - Richmond Hill

Excellent job

I would recommend Great Truck Training Academy. I enjoyed the class and espec the instructor Rupinder was so clear and very informative . Excellent job ! They gave you reassurance to do your best. Scored perfect on my exam. Thank You so much! I highly recommend this school.

Mar 2020- Jesse Callander - Brampton

Great Instructors, Great learning environment.

Great Instructors, Great learning environment. I passed my road test on the first try. I have learnt so much from this school. Great Truck Training Academy is where you truly learn what is needed to be a truck driver. I aced it! They broke it down so well and made it easy to understand. Would recommend to anyone I know trying to get their truck licence- go to Great Truck Training Academy -so far everyone passes with these guys! Passing rate 95% Thanks Rupinder, Satvir and Gurwin.

Feb 2020- Michael Robinson - Brampton

I would rank them 10/10

On 13th Feb 2020, I cleared my AZ Driving Training test in First shot. Amazing!! Full credit of this achievement goes to Great Truck Training Academy's instructors. They have well experienced instructors. The teaching method and techniques used in the classroom are very nice. They explain in English, Punjabi, and Hindi as well. I'm really impressed. They have changed my views regarding the Trucking industry. They have enough trucks & good amount of space in the truck yard -their own yard for backing. Multiple classes are taught at the same time. The one thing that is really noticeable during the training in the yard, or on the road, is that they allow only one student inside the truck at one time, which helps gaining one's confidence in a very short period of time. The strategies used overall in the training are great. I'm really thankful to the instructors: Rupinder Sir, Satvir Sir , Gurwinder Sir and The office staff is very co-operative. I would rank them 10/10. Guys Great Truck Training Academy deserves a 5 star rating!

Feb 2020- Satnam Singh - Brampton

Thank you guys

From the first phone conversation with Radhe I knew I was in good hands. The school was great I learned thoroughly. Most of all the instructor was excellent at teaching Air Brakes -thank you Rupinder. I would definitely recommend this school to one an all.

Feb 2020- Wali Noori - Brampton

Extremely professional

I just wanted to give a big thank you to Rupin and Rad for hosting such an exceptional Z endorsement course. Rupin facilitated the course very well and was very effective at giving me the knowledge I needed to operate air brakes and be successful with the knowledge and practical test. I would strongly recommend their course to anyone needing air brake endorsements. They are extremely professional. This is the place to be if you wish to learn something.
Awesome job.

Feb 2020- Chase - Brampton

Extremely Satisfied

I was extremely satisfied with the knowledge I gained from the Z course. RK is an incredible instructor who made the material fun and easy to understand. He answered all of my questions and ensured that I understood the concepts thoroughly and the 1 on 1 hands-on training was excellent. I would definitely recommend his course to others looking to get their AZ certification. The administrator went above and beyond to assist in all possible way, she is so professional! Thanks guys!

Feb 2020- Tristan Leslie - Brampton

Extremely Professional

I would like to say that the school was extremely professional and great customer service- especially the admin staff - above standards! The instructor is so knowledgeable and he explained and demonstrated everything step by step and made it easy to understand. I would definitely recommend this school. Keep up the great work. Good luck!

Feb 2020- Tony - Brampton

Truck Driver Training

Thank you for your truck driving training classes. The instructor was very professional and informative. I would highly recommend your trucking driving school to anyone who is looking to get into this industry.

Nov 2019- Ben Thomas - Brampton

Excellent Truck Driving School

I was able to attend this school and keep my regular job because of the program hours flexibility. Instructors were great at what they do which helped me learn how to drive and manage the truck pretty fast.

Nov 2019- Basir Ganeshu - Mississauga