About Us

Great Truck Training Academy

Great Truck Training Academy aspires to be the best in the truck driver training field. We specialize in providing outstanding truck driver training programs that will eventually alter your life game plan and prepare you for your real life goals.

Flexibility is the key and preparing a schedule that works for you -makes us all winners. Schedules can be done for both full-time and part-time students, we will work around your schedule no matter how busy!

Our tuition fees are one of the most competitive and we offer flexible payment plans. Why worry?? Let us make your dream come true at an affordable price.

NB: All instructors affiliated with GTTA -Great Truck Training Academy are fully qualified with extensive years of training.

Experience the difference with GTTA - making a difference in your lives!

-Safety comes first...

-Providing first class instructions..

-Providing all students with individual attention and care..

Our Mission

We will contribute to ensuring full success and satisfaction by providing reliable, responsive, efficient and a completely safe service. Our principal goal is to work with all students aspiring to get their AZ Licence to the fullest and best of Great Truck Training Academy's ability to get this goal accomplished.
Together we will Aspire - Together we will Achieve

Our Vision

Our students and graduates will consider GREAT TRUCK TRAINING ACADEMY a reliable leader in quality and view us as nothing BUT the very best in providing and working with them to aspire and achieve their goals to form their future.

We will always conduct our school and business in a lawful and socially responsible manner. We will be known for our exceptional safety practices and achievements, both in the work environment and on the public highways to ensure maximum safety to all. As our motto goes, "safety comes first".

Director - Mr. Rupinder S. Kamboj

"Ambition is the path to success. Persistence is the vehicle you arrive in."